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Welcome to the website of company Chirosan, Ltd.

Company Chirosan, Ltd. was grounded in 2000 in Piešťany.

In 2001 the company has moved into its own, exclusive compartments, in which it has ideal opportunities for manufacturing, assembling its own commodities, respecting individual requirements of clients, as well as for providing the service.

  • Significant contribution to the ambition of achieving the maximal satisfaction of its customers, is the effective exercitation of quality management system under the authority of STN EN ISO 9001:2009. Stated activities enable to fulfill the aim of the company – to bring out new technologies and innovative products for slovak health system.
  • Ab initio, the company Chirosan, Ltd., acquired stabile role on the slovak, as well as on the foreign market.
  • Business associates – the purchasers of the company: are practically all health facilities, as well as specialized defence and rescue fractions on the territory of Slovak republic.
In professionally equipped manufactories, our high – qualified co-workers with longstanding experience can produce, handle, complete, or service all the facilities offered by the company.

Production schedule of company CHIROSAN Ltd.:

Other activities of company CHIROSAN Ltd.:

  • Service of medical technology
  • Metrological services – examination of blood pressure meters and tone audiometers
  • commercial activities:
    • sale of medical technics
    • sale of medical tools
    • sale of chemical appliances for water – treatment in massage basins

Company CHIROSAN Ltd. helps the culture institutions, schools, nadation and supports apex, as well as amateur sportsmen, for a very long period of time. Company contributes both financially and executively to the activities of several sport – collectives or individuals.