Company CHIROSAN Ltd. deals with the business with medical technics, medical tools and sale of chemical appliances for water – treatment in massage basins.

Philosophy and commercial strategy of our company is formed by high profesionality, consequentiality and selfhood, which are being manifested in offered services.

Our company is being implanted by quality and innovative solutions in the field of slovak health system. To evidence of it is the quantity of installed medical technics and materials, which are saving human lives and improve the niveau of medical care as well.

Company CHIROSAN Ltd. provides rebuilding of vehicles for transport and emergency attendance, transport of sick and wounded, vehicles dedicated for transport of blood and blood derivates, and also other special adjusting – such as for the needs of fire prevention, police forces, funeral service...

Mobile surgical ambulances, mobile laboratories, field mobile multiprofile hospitals, hospitals for human help and medicine of catastrophes, as well as the deliveries of COLPRO – systems (collective protection systems), are production part of company CHIROSAN Ltd..

Company CHIROSAN Ltd. is also the exclusive representant of company SCHALL Ltd., which produces air – supported tents – these are used by several nature catastrophes, floods, for human help, of for the purposes of army.