Authorised metrological workplace

Company Chirosan Ltd. is concentrating on steady improving of service quality, which is provided to the customers. Through quality improving of particular activities is part of this process and unavoidable precondition of company develompent. All types of maintanance connected with the service of medical technics are ensured by qualified workers, which have training by production organisations, and these start the reparature works within 3 days or immediately.

Performed service:
  • electro – medical and diagnostic technics
  • sterilisation and hydrotherapeutic technics
  • metrological workplaces
  • ambulance vehicles
  • mobile units for human help
  • x-ray technics
  • dental technics
  • respiratory technics
  • operating lights

It is possible to realize the service on behalf of a contract – as contractual service, or according to appointment.

Among other activities which are connected with the service of medical technics, belong other services, which are to be mentioned:

  • capital repairs of medical devices and componentes in manufactory premises , with superficial dressing
  • counselling and examining service for new medical and clinical plants,
  • nitial and periodical electro – revisions (Professional exams and probations)
  • Professional exams and probations of stabile pressure containers + calibration of operative manometers

We also perform professional exams and probations of pressure containers according to the announcement No. 508/2009 and STN 690012.